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Do You Know the 8 Benefits of Self-Disclosure That Builds Healthy Relationships?

For many individuals, one of the hardest things about starting new relationships, or enhancing existing ones, is going through the process of self-disclosure. Those who experience difficulty sharing information about themselves and letting others in have difficulty finding genuine connections with others because they have a hard time letting others into their emotional space. They can be surrounded by people and yet feel lonely because of their inability to build healthy relationships. Self-disclosure is a communication tool in the toolbox of emotional intelligence (EI) that enables you to develop healthy personal and professional relationships. It requires for you to share some of your needs, feelings, and experiences as you allow others to do the same. Emotional intelligence is critical to experiencing happiness and fulfillment when letting people in to support you, care about you, and to share good times with you.

Benefits of Self-Disclosure:

1. It creates more closeness and mutual commitment. Self-disclosure allows for the other individual to feel trusted and let into your world.

2. When you increased levels of intimacy, you increase levels of emotional bond. Others will see you as more relatable as they come to see your flaws.

3. Relationships become an emotional refuge. The feeling of safety occurs as you become less afraid that others will discover flaws that will turn them off from interacting with you.

4. Relationships become more enjoyable. Pleasant relationships occur as you overcome the fear of relating to others on intimate levels.

5. Opportunity to develop close relationships that become supportive. People

do more for those who they feel the closest.

6. Relationships last longer when you genuinely shares needs, feelings, and experiences to build friendship. People build strong and enduring

emotional bonds that can overcome conflicts and obstacles.

7. You receive better conduct and less miscommunication when it is clear

what personal needs, feelings and experiences contribute towards your feeling supported by others or hurt by others. Clarity provides a basis for promoting supportive actions and preventing actions that bring you down.

8. You prevent yourself from feeling lonely. Occurs when you become open to making emotional connections, by letting others get to know the real you.

Letting others in to get to know you can help you to increase your emotional intelligence as you enhance your communication skills, make genuine connections, and develop the confidence needed to ‘Dare to Be YOU!’

For more information on relationships, check out Daring You to Be YOU!: Personal Development Begins From Within and Evaluating Relationships.

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