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What is 'Blocking' You From Making Successful Connections?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who just could not get the point of the discussion? You repeated your point in several different ways for them to understand your perspective. They attempt to recap your points to refute what you are saying; however, their paraphrase of your points are wrong. They misunderstood your points in its’ entirety. Frustrated, you begin to question, “Why is it that they just aren’t getting what I am saying?!?!

Successful communication is based on the emotional maturity of the listener. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is important to successful personal and professional communication. It ensures that the listener will listen to hear the speaker in order to understand their perspective. The listener with a high EI will grasp the message communicated by the speaker and demonstrate to the speaker that they are not self-absorbed by showing that they care about the discussion. This requires the listener to participate in active listening to avoid those listening blocks that hinder successful personal and professional connections.