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     Many researchers find that ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (EQ) is more important than a person's intellectual aptitude in the evaluation of their ability to achieve happiness and success.This comprehensive journal is designed for you to increase your EQ to enhance personal development, productivity, and overall well-being. Daring you to Be YOU! is a personal development coaching journal designed to guide you through your reflection of mental attitudes, thoughts, and behavior impacting your journey towards success. Each chapter of this resource provides you with the opportunity to explore any discrepancies between your personal goals and your actual behavior. As you explore those underlying factors impacting your personal development, you will gain insight into how your attitude can forecast your future success. You will learn about your potential as you utilize this resource to set long-term and short-term goals. Explore how you can set boundaries to protect yourself from those things that are blocking you from accomplishing your goals. Discover how you can build or boost personal and professional relationships that promote your success while avoiding burning bridges that can hinder your progress. Learn how to overcome your fear of failure as you reinforce those qualities you possess to be successful.           Length 550 pages


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