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Dareu2bu Counseling Services provides therapeutic support through evidence-based practices that effectively treat mental health disorders and personal development. As a service to clients, we provide emotional support animal letters and mental health evaluations by a qualified licensed mental health professional to assist with the day-to-day demands of everyday life. Our services are designed to support our clients as they seek to find ways to make their pets emotional support animals who can alleviate symptoms of emotional distress as they engage in day-to-day activities or attempt to cope with major life events. Through our mental health evaluation, we can assess the therapeutic necessity of the emotional support animal and provide documentation that would support efforts to keep their pet in their short-term or long-term rental property, travel on airlines, or visit public places. Our assessment assists in determining the demonstrated significant impact that your pet has had in promoting positive therapeutic results in managing the struggles of the diagnosed mental and emotional impairments in daily functioning. Emotional support animals comfort owners diagnosed with specific mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or phobias like agoraphobia.

Emotional Support Animal

To be prescribed an ESA letter, a licensed mental health professional with a valid license in your state must conduct an assessment to consider your pet's presence necessary for your mental health. The following form will assist in providing a prescribed and signed letter certifying that you qualify to have an emotional support animal in your residence or your travels.

What is an ESA?

An emotional support animal is a pet that supports the decrease of mental or emotional disability through the provision of companionship at home or in public settings. These animals comfort their owners as they deal with specific mental health diagnoses pertaining to PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, or phobias such as agoraphobia.

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How can I make my pet considered an ESA?

Pet owners can make their pets an ESA when they participate in a mental health evaluation by a qualified licensed mental health professional who can assess, and diagnose a mental health disorder to approve and distribute ESA letters. A proper assessment and diagnosis of a disabling mental illness will provide certification of the positive impact your pet has on your mental and emotional health.

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What are the benefits of an ESA?

An ESA letter can support efforts to have your pet accommodated by your landlord, housing providers, public places, and those airlines requiring documentation for ESA. You can live anywhere with your pet while avoiding expensive housing pet fees. Pet owners can also stay at any Airbnb with their ESA documentation and gain access to public spaces that acknowledges ESA.

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Who can provide an ESA letter?

Various medical professionals can provide a valid ESA letter, including:

•           Licensed Clinical Social Worker

•           Licensed Marriage and Family 


•           Family Doctor with Experience In

            Mental Health

•           Licensed Professional Counselors

•           Licensed Professional Mental Health   


•           Licensed Clinical Psychologists

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Psychiatric Service Dog (PSA)

Psychiatric Service Animals (PSA) are trained to perform tasks for those owners who have a verified mental illness or psychological condition that engages their pet in the performance of various tasks that would support them in addressing their mental health condition. 

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What is the difference between an ESA and PSA?

The difference between an ESA and a PSA is that:

  • PSA requires a diagnosis of a mental illness or psychological disease by a health care professional to determine how a psychiatric service animal would be of benefit.

  • ESAs are not always dogs and do not require training.

  • PSAs are specific Psychiatric Service Dog breeds that are trained to do work. 


The cost for the assessment, diagnosis, and prescribed letter and services are as follows:

     Emotional Support Animal                                                                                          $125.00

         Assessment, diagnosis, and approval letter for the designation of an ESA.

     Psychiatric Support Dog (PSD)   -                                                                               $175.00

        Assessment, Diagnosis, and Suggested Treatment Plan with the approval letter

         for the designation of PSD.

     Expedited Service (24-48 hours) -                                                                                $  25.00

     Medical/Legal/Residental Documentation Service fee -                                            $  50.00

        The charge is for the completion of additional documentation or discussion with 

         various entities regarding ESA or PSD services that require additional time, 

         complexity, and paperwork from the licensed mental health clinician. 

Get Started

  To qualify for an ESA or PSD letter it is important to assess your mental health status for an ESA or a PSA letter. You can complete the pre-screening to determine if you qualify to be prescribed an ESA or PSD letter. 


If you have completed the pre-screening assessment and your score has indicated that you qualify for the ESA/PSD assessment, please proceed in completing the assessment

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