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Our Current Webinars

Many clients rush through therapy to find solutions to specific issues, resulting in solving the wrong problem. These webinars are designed to help guide you in determining the key issues by challenging your assumptions, guiding you in focusing on the collection of relevant information, and getting rid of bias, prejudice, or personal agendas that negatively impact the therapeutic journey. Our webinars offer the opportunity to participate in live sessions or watch the replay of therapeutic content at your convenience. Watching webinars, reviewing notes, and reflecting on questions asked prompts personal growth as you learn how to take action in the implementation of therapeutic practices. This platform will help you to ask "why" before "how" in order to avoid the mistake of jumping into problem-solving based on the lack of information and assumptions about the issue. When there is a lack of understanding of all the issues, these webinars will help break them down into smaller, more manageable parts so that you can focus on each issue more effectively. Join us to learn from industry experts and improve your relationship management skills!

The Impact of Toxic Relationships on Your Mental Health:
The Fear of Being Alone

"Have you ever dreaded reaching out to connect with someone, only to find no one around to respond to your emotional needs? The fear of being ignored and left alone, and the perceived notion of being unimportant can be at the core of many dysfunctional relationships. Learn how this fear can be the foundational root of many dysfunctional relationships."

"Who's Deceiving Who": The Internal vs. External World of Emotional Manipulators

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who you would characterize as being like Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? Do you have someone in your life who causes you to question your reality because they appear to be caring or nurturing at one moment and then scream at you as if you were their enemy? Whether you are a friend, partner, family member, or co-worker of someone who fits this description, you may have questioned your sanity as you attempt to avoid the volatile nature of the "emotional manipulator." Learn how to identify the traits and critical characteristics of those susceptible to emotional assaults due to an internal world rooted in shame and intense fears.

Understanding Narcissistic Abuse in the Family Dynamic- Defining Characteristics

One of the fundamental traits of a narcissist is having a blind inner eye that causes the individual to present as emotionally immature or self-absorbed. Their persistent pattern of behavior often negatively impacts their family dynamic. In this video, you will learn about the characteristics of narcissism that are present in relationship dynamics.

Navigating Through the Chaotic World of Toxic Relationships - "Grooming"

"Have you had intense battles with individuals who emotionally assault others based on their distorted perception of reality? Do these battles often leave you feeling emotionally imbalanced, at fault for the verbal assaults, or alone in your emotional experience? Learn how to identify when you are experiencing emotional blackmail in your relationship dynamics."

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