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About Daring You to Be YOU!

     Daring You to Be YOU! is a personal development coaching series designed to help individuals to analytically construct and deconstruct their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as they go through journal questions and reflections. You construct and deconstruct your personal experiences as you go through the chapters to answer journal questions that is designed to help you to understand your attitudes, boundaries, uniqueness, and values. You participate in internal explorations of your motivations through the expression of your thoughts. You are able to track your emotions, moods, and experiences as you nurture yourself through the process of realizing self-truths. Self-discovery leads you to the development of ideas and solutions as you identify the significance and meaning behind problematic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.


     This book provides you with key areas that are important to your personal development as you participate in directed questions designed to shape and construct self-knowledge.  These directed questions are asked several ways to enable you to obtain clarification of the meaning of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Gather information about yourself from your own different perspectives that will help you to consider how your experiences affect your current personal and professional relationships and your values.  You will also develop critical thinking skills that will help you through the process of ongoing learning in your personal development.


     Daring You to Be YOU! helps you to develop your critical thinking skills as part of your personal development. There are several benefits to analytically reviewing your self-reflection either by yourself or with a mental health professional. You develop the ability to gain insight into the logical connection of ideas as you write in your journal.  You can review your writings at a later date to identify, construct, and evaluate arguments made on a variety of topics.  You have a record of your thoughts that will enable you to detect any inconsistencies in your thinking or those common mistakes that you make in your reasoning.  You have a record of successes and failures that helps you to solve problems systematically.  You can identify the relevance and importance of ideas or concepts that thematically appear in your life.  You also have a record of the justification for your personal beliefs and values. Ultimately, you are given the opportunity to search for details of events, patterns of behavior, and themes in your life to consider how these factors impact your self-awareness.  The information obtained helps you to reach valuable conclusions about yourself and your environment in order to make positive life changes. 

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