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Three Winning Attitudes Promoting Emotional Maturity and Success!

Are you finding difficulty making the connections you need that will pay off in business and your personal life? Do you find it difficult to inspire team members or family members to get on board with you to accomplish a goal? Are problematic attitudes hindering you from finding personal or professional success?

If you have answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, then you can benefit from three beneficial attitudes found in successful leaders. Enthusiasm, curiosity, and humility are three useful attitudes that can be taken to help you make the connections you need to inspire others. These conscientious attitudes are advantageously chosen behaviors that when used in combination, can generate a compelling presence that draws others in to listen to you what you have to offer.

An enthusiastic attitude can be enticing, appealing to those drawn by the magnetic appeal and eagerness of those who appear to be natural leaders. Those who are passionate about their business or relationship reveal their fire causing others to wonder, “Where can I buy what they got?!?” The zeal expressed in an enthusiastic attitude cannot be purchased on the market; it is contagious enthusiasm that causes others to feel excited, energetic, and full of vitality about whatever is presented by the enthusiastic individual. They can say, “Hey, have you heard, they found gold in Antartica! I am hosting an exclusive expedition to retrieve all that gold, and we are all going to be rich!!!! I can’t wait; it is going to be awesome! You should get on board to get a part of that gold because I wouldn’t want for you to miss out! You better hurry because time is running out to be a part of this opportunity!”

Curious George is known for his curious attitude. He is a little monkey who is always hungry to learn more about his environment and people. We should all take on an attitude like Curious George because we will continue to grow as we learn what is going on around us and the impact it has on everyday people. This type of knowledge will cause us to continue to evolve in our personal and professional development as we learn of ways to help people, develop products benefitting others, and make lasting connections that will promote personal and professional success. We should never suppress our natural-born curiosity because it was meant to promote academic, personal, professional, and spiritual growth and development.

The last attitude to consider involves having the ability to embrace humility. We often see false humility based on the public display of modesty and service by those who are known to be arrogant, egotistical, self-centered, personas when they are among family and friends. Genuine humility rooted in the knowledge that we are not omniscient, omnipresent individuals who possess the power know and do all things. This knowledge generates a significant measure of humbleness when acknowledging that it is through grace that we have accomplished or acquired any measure of success because things could have been different had circumstances and situations been different.

Overall, enthusiasm, curiosity, and humility work together to strengthen your leadership abilities in your personal and professional life. Your decision to consciously choose to employ these behaviors will cause you to mature into a great and admirable leader among those you encounter.

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