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Using Your Words to Empower Your F.E.A.R

Many people believe that the Bible and Psychology contradict one another; however, they actually compliment one another. In a recent article on PsychCentral titled, "Self As Doer", the writer discusses a recent study that discusses the benefits of identifying oneself with a desired action. Instead of saying, "I am going to ....", say this instead, "I am...". This concept compliments the biblical scriptures that speaks on the importance of speaking faith-filled words to change your circumstances.

To develop your F.E.A.R, you need to become conscious of those words you speak to yourself and to others. Your words are containers of power that can either propel you towards your future or hold you back from achieving success. How you use your words can promote "False Evidence Appearing Real"; creating anxiety towards taking any action towards positive life changes.Your words can be "Faith-filled Evidence Activating Reality" motivating you to take the necessary steps towards making a successful future. With every word (conscious or subconscious), you are guiding your walk on the path towards your future. Your words are the deciding factor in the path that you will take.