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Using F.E.A.R to Overcome Self-Defeat

When stepping out to achieve your dream, the first thing that you have to overcome is the fear of failure. There is a popular saying that you have probably already heard that helps to define fear. Fear is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. You may feel tempted to look at those circumstances or situations that are roadblocks or mountains in between you and your ability to achieve your dream.You may even have doubts about your ability to succeed based on negative thoughts that plague your mind. Fear can cripple you from moving forward in any and every area of your life.

In previous blog posts, I wrote how emotional maturity shapes your attitude and outlook on life. Those with low emotional intelligence (EQ) will experience anxiety, depression, and mood swings that will erode their ability to be optimistic in any and every given situation. Those with a high EQ will promote mental stability and have an understanding of how to interpret and approach their emotions. These individuals will work head on towards overcoming their fears.

The key to overcoming fear is in knowing that you can turn the definition around in your life to become: Faith-filled Evi