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Knowing the Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Pursuing Success

Growing up, I always questioned the reason some of the smartest people I knew were so clueless as to how to relate to their peers. Some of them made it a point to make their intellectual superiority known by disclaiming their IQ and their grades in school. Others chose only to associate with those who were on their intellectual level. Their conversations always turned into a 'battle of the wits' with one person attempting to outsmart the others. Many of these individuals prided themselves in the fact that their academic and intellectual abilities would help them land the job of their dreams, financial prosperity, and an overall better quality of life. Today, I know that a person's IQ score does not measure an individual's ability to attain happiness or success in their life and in their career.

Many researchers have found that the actual measurement of a person's ability to achieve happiness and success in their life and career is based on their 'Emotional Intelligence' (EQ). EQ is the individual's ability to identify, understand, manage, apply, and direct their emotions or the emotions of others. Some researchers theorize that IQ only makes up an estimated 10-25% of what is necessary to attain overall success. They believe that 75% or more of what is required to achieve happiness and success in personal development, job performance, productivity, and success, is a person's EQ. So