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How Dare you DARE TO BE YOU!!!

A couple of years ago, I developed a webinar called, "How dare you...Dare to be YOU!" to give people the opportunity to explore the importance of developing appropriate boundaries in their personal and professional life. I always thought the question, "How dare you?", was amusing because the person who asks the question is putting themselves in the position of importance as if the other individual should not have the courage to challenge them in addressing issues. Those who put themselves in a position of importance have problems with boundary crossing in the lives of others. Their personal behavioral problems and relational issues exemplifies their need to confront whatever situations that may arise in relationships. They may very well be the reason one should ask, "How dare YOU!"

Those with boundary issues often have problems with those who enforce the consequences of boundary crossing. It is as if they are subconsciously questioning, “If I do not enforce my boundaries, how dare you think that you can enforce your boundaries with me!” The question then becomes, "How dare YOU....Dare to be YOU?!?" This question is a declaration I make announcing that everyone has the right to put themselves in a position of importance to set boundaries and make positive changes in their lives. I believe everyone should have the courage to challenge themselves and anyone else who has the audacity to cross those boundary lines they set for themselves. Everyone should become comfortable with enforcing the consequences they set for boundary crossing in their personal realm of influence.