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     Daring You to Be YOU!: Overcoming Fear through Self-Reflection is a personal development coaching journal designed to guide you through the realization of your ‘faith-filled evidence activating reality’. Learn about the relationship between your passion and achievements based on the motivational principles of ‘hope for success’ and the ‘fear of failure’. This journal will provide you with an opportunity to explore these underlying factors impacting your ability to succeed in the achievement of your goals. Through evaluation of those events, patterns, and themes impacting your day-to-day actions and reactions, you can address your fears and those issues related to life-changing events that shaped your personal and professional decisions. Learn how you can reconstruct your experiences to build a new reality. Utilize Self-Reflection activities to write therapeutic letters, express attitudes of gratitude, and create your personal narratives that will deconstruct negative self-perceptions to construct positive narratives that motives change in your life.


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