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Why 'Daring You to Be YOU!'

     Daring You to Be YOU! personal development resources provide Mental Health Professionals and Life Coaches the opportunity to promote, improve, or sustain their clients’ level of functioning through self-reflection. You can help your clients to fulfill their purpose as they receive guidance in understanding themselves and others. Your clients’ have the ability to achieve overall success when they learn how to relate to others in their personal and professional realm of influence. Through these resources, you can help your clients to find and stimulate those positive hidden internal truths that can contribute to their life success while discouraging those attitudes, behaviors, or emotions, that hinder their ability to be successful in their personal and professional relationships.


     As Mental Health Professionals (MHP), you need a specific set of resources enabling you to cultivate your therapeutic relationship with your client. These journals assist you in addressing your clients' cognitive, affective, and behavioral issues that block your ability to promote positive change. Daring You to Be YOU! provide professionals with resources developed based on evidence-based approaches to promoting positive change. The motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral theoretical approaches are the foundational basis for these journals. Your clients are provided information to change their frame of thinking on topics of interest while being guided in their consideration of how to change their behavior. As you take on the Rogerian therapeutic approach with your client, your clients are empowered to change as they use these resources for self-help purposes to track their personal development growth or for use under your expert guidance. 

     Daring You to Be YOU! assists life coaches in creating an alliance that empowers the client to promote positive change in their life. These resources assist life coaches in asking the right questions that will help their clients to address current personal or professional transitions occurring in their life. They can work with their client as they examine obstacles or challenges addressed in each journal. The client acts as the expert as they develop critical thinking skills throughout the completion of the journal. Life coaches provide the guidance or alternative perspective needed to assist in the critical thinking process. These resources assists coaches in creating a coaching experience that empowers their clients to promote positive change in their life. 


     The Daring You to Be You! resources provide your clients with the opportunity to create their personal success story as they progress through the pages of their personal development journals. Through personal exploration of their subconscious attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors, clients gain insight into what is sidetracking them from accomplishing their goals. These tools aim to highlight the importance of evaluating problematic attitudes and mental habits that get in the way of exploring their potential. Clients also learn the necessity of setting and maintaining boundaries to prevent dream snatchers from sidetracking them in their personal and professional pursuits.


The ‘Daring You to Be YOU!’ personal development journals also helps the professional to:

     1. Consider the clients perspectives through evaluation of their personal        


     2. Reflect on the client’s cognitive and affective process while addressing issues

         they face.

     3. Help clients clarify their thinking to make it clear, accurate, and defensible.

     4. Improve your client’s ability to learn about their personal development through

         critical thinking.


The questions are, "Why not make you and your client's therapeutic process more productive with resources that will guide your client in providing you with the information you need?" and "Why wouldn't you want a product that would promote your client's therapeutic growth and personal development success?" 

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