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Cost: $15.99
Daring You to Be YOU! Coach Manual

     The 'Daring You to Be YOU!' Coaching series provides Life Coaches and Mental Health Professionals with resources that will assist in the cultivation of a working relationship. When you, as the coach, use these particular set of resources, you can accurately pinpoint the cognitive, affective, and behavioral issues of your clients. Your clients answer guided questions in their journal about key topics such as motivation, mood/attitude, the potential for success, setting goals, setting boundaries, relationships, fear of failure, and the need for self-reflection. The coaching manual provides a particular set of activities and topics for discussion that supports your efforts in the promotion, improvement, and sustainment of your client's personal development.  
The program allows for you to pass the torch to your client as they become an active participant in their personal and professional development. The use of these materials can help your clients to develop the skills needed to continue the change process; even after their coaching or therapy session. 
     As the professional, these journals will help you to consider your client's perspective through evaluation of their personal reflections. You can reflect on your client's cognitive (thinking) and affective (mood) process while addressing issues they face in their daily lives. You can help your clients to clarify their thinking to make it clear, accurate, and defensible upon review and discussion of journal entries. You can also improve your client's ability to learn about their personal development through various critical thinking activities that are found in this coaching manual. 
     Overall, the 'Daring You to Be YOU!' coaching series provides you and your clients with a record of progression in their personal development. Clients can read previous entries to review their growth.

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