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The Battle of the Bulge Begins in the Mind


Preparing Coaches and Mental Health Professionals with Materials to Promote Success!

     As professionals, you most likely became qualified through professional training programs to prepare people to overcome personal or professional roadblocks in their life. You work towards motivating your clients to make long-lasting changes in their life. You most likely used evidence-based practices with proven results. Your clients would probably rave about how helpful and effective you are in meeting their therapeutic needs. What if I were to tell you that I could provide you with tools that would strengthen your efforts during the coaching or therapeutic process? Would you be interested in products that would prepare your clients to be able to continue their personal development in various areas of their life?

Why The Battle of the Bulge Begins in the Mind?

Because you need a particular set of resources that would enable you to cultivate your skills in addressing cognitive (thought), affective (mood), and behavioral issues to promote positive change. As a consultant, you are provided with a specific set of resources that enables you to help your clients in reaching their weight loss goals. This program allows for you to pass the torch to your clients, as they become an active participant in learning how to overcome the challenges they face in reaching their weight loss goals. Through the use of these products, you can help your clients to develop the skills needed to continue the change process even after their meeting with you.

      The goal of Academic Research Solutions, Inc. is to provide our clients with the tools needed to increase knowledge, improve productivity, enable teamwork, and enhance communication. The BOBBIM products were created with this goal in mind. We developed the 'BOBBIM Consultant Program' to provide professionals with products that would help them to promote the emotional growth client's need to reach their weight loss goals.

Clients also discover ways to overcome various academic, personal, and professional challenges they are currently facing. Through self-reflection and a variety of activities, clients develop self-awareness to choose the right course of action to make for their life. The Coach and Client manuals are designed to help support the alliance within the coaching relationship. We empower the consultant to provide their client with tools that allow them to reflect on ways to develop a winning attitude, consider their potential, set goals, evaluate relationships, set boundaries, overcome fear, and make the mind-body connection to alleviate physical pain caused by emotional pain. Clients utilize their journals to assess their motivation to change in various areas of their life; their coach helps them to discover ways of developing internal motivation to promote the change they desire to see in their life. The client's discovery of internal and external motivation to make positive life changes sets them on a course of developing confidence, feelings of self-worth, and the development of self-esteem. Coaching materials instruct clients on the importance of developing emotional intelligence (EQ) or emotional maturity to manage their emotions, develop loving relationships with themselves and others, manage conflict at home or work, and to promote emotional health.

    Since you are a professional providing coaching or mental health services to your clients, you are a prime candidate for our consulting program. As a 'BOBBIM Consultant'  you will receive training on the use of our products in order to provide guidance to your clients in a variety of forms. Client manuals, reports, and presentations are provided for your use in servicing your clients.   

Program Goals for the Coach

Program Goals for the Client

TheBOBBIM materials help the professional to:

1. Consider the client's perspectives through evaluation of their personal reflections.

2. Reflect upon the client's cognitive (thought) and affective (mood) process while addressing current issues they are facing. 

3. Help clients clarify their thinking to make it clear, accurate, and defensible.

4. Improve your client's ability to learn about their personal development through critical thinking.

The BOBBIM materials help the client to:

1. Consider their motivation for positive change through assessment of current issues.

2. Reflect upon their cognitive (thought) and affective (mood) process while addressing current issues they are facing. 

3. Receive guidance in clarifying their goals to make it clear, accurate, and defensible.

4. Improve their ability to learn about their personal development through critical thinking.




















 You will be able to utilize these products to: 

1. Promote positive life change in your clients by helping them to understand their behavior and communication style.

2. Promote the motivation to make positive life changes through insight into emotional maturity.

3. Promote the establishment of stronger relationships through the development of a winning attitude, effective communication, conflict management, and teamwork.

4. Promote the ability to overcome the fear of failure through improved confidence and self-esteem.

Further Benefits of the Program



Live Webinar Training

Enroll in a "Live" online course and participate in our interactive webinar training sessions. Each Training course consists of three 2 hour classes. 

Next  2 hr Webinar class dates:

     May 13th, 20th, 27th - 2017

         July 8th, 15th, 22nd - 2017

         September 16th, 23rd, 30th - 2017

         November 11th, 18th, 25th - 2017

Next  Full Day Workshop class dates:

         May 6, 2017

         July 15, 2017

        November 18, 2017

 Learn more about The Battle of the Bulge Begins in the Mind (BOBBIM) Training from below:

Materials You Will Receive and Have Access to:

* Training Manual


* Coaching Manual

* Client Manual

* Battle of the Bulge Begins in the Mind: Lessons Learned from The Nutty Professor Workbook

* Self-Reflection Journal

* PowerPoint Slides for Coaching Presentations with Clients (80 slides)

* 3 Webinars (6 hours of training)

* 35% Discount on BOBBIM Products (Journals, Activity Books, and more)

* BOBBIM Consultant Shirt 


COST:   Only $399.99 (Webinar class) 

                        *Early Bird Rate: $299.99 (Webinar class)

                         Training Workshop: $299.99

                        *Early Bird Rate: $199.99 (Workshop)


 (Early bird rate applies for those who sign up before May 1st, July 1st, September 1st, November 1st​)

Click the 'Sign Up NOW!' button below to complete our 'DareU2BU Consultant form' and submit payment. Training materials will be mailed prior to the start of the classes.

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