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Cost: $15.99

Daring You to Be YOU!: Promoting EQ to Develop Health Relationships

"How dare you...Dare to be YOU!?!?" This dualistic declaration is used as a challenge to acknowledge the right to set and respect personal boundaries in personal and professional relationships. In this personal development tool, you will learn valuable lessons about personal and professional relationships through review of the Locke and Sheppard family. Consideration of their story will take you on a journey to develop skills to identify, evaluate, manage, and understand your emotions and the emotions of others. This journey towards emotional maturity helps you to learn how to construct and deconstruct your personal experiences to determine how your attitudes, boundaries, uniqueness, and values impact how you relate to yourself and others.


      Through self-reflection, you learn critical thinking skills aimed to help you develop self-awareness about your approach to relationships. The self-awareness you gain through completion of activities included in this book serves as a learning experience outlined through the identification and recording of your thinking patterns. Your self-exploration through guided questions guides you through evaluation of internal motivation to create positive change in your relationships. You ultimately learn the core foundation of who you have become through valuable lessons that help you to track your personal growth. This journey of self-exploration helps you to accept the challenge to 'DARE TO BE YOU' while respecting others who aim to do the same!

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