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Many researchers find that ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (EQ) is more important than a person's intellectual aptitude in the evaluation of their ability to achieve happiness and success. The military promotes core values that is critical to the cultivation of EQ; however, traumatic events and other personal or professional experiences distorts the application of EQ in the military culture. This comprehensive journal is designed for you to increase your EQ to enhance personal development, productivity, and overall well-being as you overcome chronic symptoms relative to the combat zone experience. You can track your progress towards personal growth as you gain awareness of those subconscious attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors that sidetrack you from your daily, monthly, or yearly goals. You can boost your motivation to continue your progress through lessons learned on topics such as boundaries, fear of failure, exploring potential, and setting goals. This journal becomes your personal journal of achievement as you utilize the 'Year-In-Review' to document your progress in achieving your goals.   Length: 554 pages

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