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Dareu2bu: Who is Deceiving Who? - "Self-Advocacy in the Fulfillment of Emotional Needs"

Have you felt manipulated, controlled, or even lied to by those who are close to you? Have you felt like you are the victim of emotional blackmail in your relationships? In this class, you can explore the root of toxic relationship dynamics that causes you to feel as if you are walking on eggshells.
Dareu2bu:  Who is Deceiving Who? - "Self-Advocacy in the Fulfillment of Emotional Needs"

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Mar 20, 2022, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM CDT
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Class: Daring You to Be YOU!: "Who is Deceiving Who? - Exploring Dynamics of Toxic Relationships

Instructor: Donetta D. Quinones, Ph.D., LMHC, CCATP


Have you felt manipulated, controlled, or even lied to by those who are close to you? Have you felt like you are the victim of emotional blackmail in your relationships? In this class, you can explore the root of toxic relationship dynamics that causes you to feel as if you are walking on eggshells.


During this series of classes, participants will explore the subtle form of emotional manipulation, selfish behaviors, and the lack of empathy that often results in questioning one's perception of reality and their mental health status. Participants will learn how a neglectful environment, chronic abuse, or other negative experiences influences the drive to engage in relationship dynamics that causes one to be vulnerable to being a victim or perpetrator of these behaviors. Class content will include exploring methods of identifying, understanding, and managing these toxic relationship dynamics. Class participants will address issues with self-esteem that may hinder their ability to address the critical problems outlined throughout the class.

Schedule: Classes will begin on 02/13/2022 and will meet each Sunday at  1:30 PST/ 3:30pm CST/ 4:30pm EST

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 02/13/2022: "The Internal vs. External World of Emotional Manipulators."

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who you would characterize as being like Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? Do you have someone in your life who causes you to question your reality because they appear to be caring or nurturing at one moment and then scream at you as if you were their enemy? Whether you are a friend, partner, family member, or co-worker of someone who fits this description, you may have questioned your sanity as you attempt to avoid the volatile nature of their emotional manipulation. Learn how to identify the traits and critical characteristics of those susceptible to emotional assaults due to an internal world rooted in shame and intense fears.

02/20/2022: "Navigating Through the Chaotic World of Toxic Relationships."

Have you had intense battles with individuals who are known to assault others emotionally based on their distorted perception of reality? Do these battles often leave you feeling as if you are emotionally imbalanced, at fault for the verbal assaults, or that you are alone in your emotional experience? Learn how you can identify when you are experiencing emotional blackmail in your relationship dynamics.

02/20/2022: "How to Alleviate the Burden of the Relational Pressure Cooker."

The fear of abandonment can often prompt relational pressures and emotional distress. Suppose you are in a relationship with someone who has an overwhelming fear of being abandoned and left alone. In that case, you may have felt the 'Relational Pressure Cooker' of unstable and intense interpersonal interactions. The burden of being the source of never-ending love, approval, compassion, and sense of identity can cause some to feel emotionally drained, falling into a black hole of emptiness and despair. Learn how to address the emotional distress experienced through the pressure of being the ultimate source of emotional safety and security.

02/27/2022: "The Evolution of 'S.E.L.F.' Through Exploration of Emotional Needs."

Explore the elements of your "S.E.L.F" to understand the perspectives of those who are in toxic relationships. Learn how to differentiate the intent behind self-preservation and purpose-driven manipulation. Explore ways to identify and evaluate how certain behaviors can trigger fear-based reactions. Learn how to manage potentially explosive situations through "insight-filled" communication that will allow for acknowledgment and the ability to take responsibility for how one contributes to the lack of fulfillment of emotional needs.

03/06/2022: "Boundary Setting and Relational Skills Development."

Many individuals within toxic relationships often engage in misguided attempts to elicit others to provide support or the emotional investment of the fulfillment of their emotional needs. These misguided attempts may appear as if the individual is angry, impulsive, or manipulative. Learn how to set boundaries and the proper methods of providing support in the development of relationship and communication skills.

03/13/2022: "Self-Advocacy in the Fulfillment of Emotional Needs."

Have you ever felt that you were unprepared to address the flare-ups that occur in your relationship? Do you think that your partner is consumed with their own needs while ignoring yours? Develop an understanding of how to advocate for the fulfillment of emotional needs. Learn the distinctions between being "selfish," "self-neglecting," or "self and other respecting."

03/20/2022: "Creating Safety in Toxic Relationships."

The best method to creating safety in toxic relationships is to understand how the harmful effects of poor coping strategies can negatively impact relationship dynamics. Develop an understanding of the pitfalls of poor boundaries in creating emotional safety in toxic relationships. Explore methods to avoid being devalued in the relationship dynamic. Learn how to create emotional safety in an emotionally volatile environment.

03/27/2022: "Overcoming the Negative Impact of Lies, Rumors, and Accusations."

The complex nature of toxic communication is often the result of lies, rumors, or accusations that prove harmful to the relationship dynamic. Those who are highly sensitive to misunderstandings may promote emotional distress in relationships through their vulnerability to believing lies or rumors. These individuals may be more inclined to make groundless accusations that can further harm the relationship dynamic. These behaviors can escalate the conflict in relationships as the interactions cause a further disconnect between each party instead of the desired goal of building relationship development. Learn how to overcome the negative trappings of lies, rumors, and accusations through communication that promotes a deep emotional connection.

04/03/2022: "Moving Towards Healthy Relationship Dynamics."

Identification, understanding, and self-management are critical aspects to moving towards a healthy relationship dynamic. An analysis of relationships can help the individual determine their mental, emotional, and physical needs and whether they have the time, skills, or resources to meet those needs for themselves or to support the needs of others. Developing an understanding of the positive and negative aspects of the relationship dynamic to determine how to move forward will be essential to both parties. Learning how to take responsibility for individual roles in the relationship will be the ultimate goal towards moving forward in developing a healthy relationship dynamic.

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